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New Innovative Teaching Strategy Available!

Integrating Next Generation NCLEX items into a Home Health Case Study

Have you checked out the Innovative Teaching Strategies (ITS) page lately?  A new ITS has been uploaded!

Integrating Next Generation NCLEX items into a Home Health Case Study

Bejster, Mallory, DNP, RN, CNL; Reising, Virginia, DNP, RN, PEL-CSN, PHNA-BC (2023)

Overall Goal: The overall goal of this assignment is to expose students to Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) items through a home health case study in a pre-licensure community/public health nursing class.

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Innovative Teaching Strategies Now Accessible Without Membership

Exciting news! Innovative Teaching Strategies (ITS) are now accessible to the public without ACHNE membership. This means that anyone can access and use these peer-reviewed, scholarly resources to improve their teaching of community and public health nursing.

ACHNE membership is still required to submit an ITS, but the information has been released to the public as part of ACHNE's mission of promoting excellence in community and public health nursing education, research, and practice. This is a great opportunity for ACHNE members to share their expertise and resources with the wider community, and to list approved ITS as a peer-reviewed published paper on their resumes and annual reviews.

ACHNE members are encouraged to share the ITS library with their peers.  To access the ITS library, visit 

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