ACHNE Research & Evidence-Based Practice Grant Recipients


Karen Town and Barbara Polivka
University of Kansas Medical Center
"The Relationships Between Allostatic Load, Disaster-Related Prenatal Perceived Stress Response, & Pregnancy Outcomes."

Ann Stalter & Deborah Ulrich
Wright State University
"Using Systems Awareness to Explore Environmental Health in Nursing Education: A Pilot Study Among Community Health Nursing Educators."

Virginia Reising & Heide Cygan
Rush University
"What I Bring: Helping Advanced Population Health Nursing Students Market Themselves."

Angela Mehringer
Northern Kentucky University
"Fostering Coping and Resilience in Refugee Young Adults Through a Reading Circle Intervention."


No Awards Granted in 2022.


Regina Johnson, MS, RN
The University of Kansas School of Nursing
"A qualitative description of public health nurses’ experiences working in state and local health departments in a midwestern state"

Meredith Klepper, MS, RN, CPN
Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
"Preparing public health nurses to care for LGBTQI+ patients and communities:  Development and feasibility of a faculty training video series"

Joanne C. Langan, Ph.D., RN, CNE,
Saint Louis University TBV School of Nursing
"Student, Faculty, and Community Practice Partner Collaboration: Measuring APRN, RN, and Nursing Student Confidence to Teach Safety Measures in Disasters and Public Health Emergencies Following an Educational Intervention"


Athena DF Sherman, PhD, PHN, RN, CNE
The Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing at Emory University
"LGBTQ+ health education for public health nurses: Development and validity testing of a measure for the assessment of LGBTQ+ course content"

Natsuko Wood, PhD, RN
Washington State University College of Nursing
"Psychometric validation using confirmatory factor analysis of the Breastfeeding Relationship Scale"

Theresa Bechtel, MSN, RN, PCCN
College of Nursing, University of Iowa
"The Effects of an On-Line Curated Mental Health Toolbox on General Self Efficacy and Perceived Stress in Nursing Students (Undergraduate and Graduate)"


Rosale del Valle
Florida Atlantic University Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing
"Understanding Nutrition in the Management of Obesity "

Gary Glauberman, PhD, RN, PHNA-BC, NHDP-BC 
University of Hawaii at Manoa School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene
"Assessing Community/Public Health Nurses’ Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Fire Safety and Evacuation Preparedness of Residential High-Rise Building Occupants"

Meen Hye Lee, PhD, RN
University of North Carolina Wilmington 
"Sleep and Cardiovascular Outcomes Among Family Caregivers of Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder"

Dr. Lisa Kirk Wiese, PHNA-BC, CNE 
Florida Atlantic University Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing
"Responding to Simulated Disaster in the Virtual or Live Classroom: Is there s Difference in BSN Learning?"


Seok Hyun Gwon, PhD, MSN, RN
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
"Public Health Nurse Workforce Factors and Health Outcomes"

Julie Postma, PhD, RN
Washington State University
"Adapting the Revised Self-Efficacy in Environmental Risk Reduction (r-SEER) Instrument to Spanish-speaking Populations"

Sherrill Smith, RN, PhD, CNL, CNE
Wright State University
"Evaluation of Two Simulation Methods Preparing Community Health Nurses for Disasters"

Davina Ann Soernssen, RN, MSN, CHSE
Rutgers University, Camden
"Improving Healthcare Providers' Confidence in Decision-making when Caring for COPD Patients in the Community Setting "


Sherry Fara
Wright State University
"Participant Stress Experience in Live Disaster Exercises"

Darlene Hughes
Washington State University
"Stories of Purposefulness and Resiliency in an Alaskan Native Community and Community Health Nursing Education"


Monica Harm
University of Pennsylvania
"Community/Public Health Nurses’ Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes of Public Health Nursing Competencies"

Dr. Scott Harpin
University of Colorado Denver
"Mental Health and Substance Use Inequalities of Runaway/Homeless Youth"

Dr. Lisa Wiese
Florida Atlantic University
"Examining Alzheimer’s Disease Knowledge in Florida Rural Populations"


Lynn P. Blanchette and Dr. Donna Schwartz-Barcott
Rhode Island College
“An Exploratory Study of the Town Nurse”

Dr. Angela Kueny and Dr. Loren Toussaint
Luther College
“Effectiveness of an Educational Forgiveness Program in Middle School Students”

Dr. Ruth McDermott-Levy and Dr. Jeanne Leffers
Villanova University
“Ethical for Global Health Nursing Practice: A Delphi Study”


Denise Drevdahl & Dr. Mary Canales
University of Washington
“PHN Perceptions of Graduate Education”

Dr. Sharon Farra
Wright State University
“Learning Outcome Measurement in Nurse Participants After National Disaster Health Certification”


Dr. Gail O’Neal
Washington State University
“Environmental Health Instrument Development: Further Testing of the Houshold Risk Perception and Self-Efficacy in Environmental Risk Reduction Instruments in Low Income Families” $3,000.00

Dr. Mary Beth Kaylor
Wright State University
“Readiness for Evidence Based Practice by Community/Public Health Nurses” $3,320.00


Ms. Julie Miller
University of Cincinnati
“Predictors of influenza immunization in children” $2120

Dr. Nicole Mareno
Kennesaw State University
“Parental perceptions of healthy eating and physical activity: A photovoice project” $2991.65


Dr. Christine Savage
University of Cincinnati
“The testability of combined nursing case management and diabetes self-management program for adults experiencing homelessness” $3768

Dr. Rosemary Chaudry
The Ohio State University
“Survey of public health nurses self-reported practice competency” $1328


Dr. Linda Royer
Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences
“An evaluation of public health nurses’ self-assessment of their practice competencies” $800

Dr. Jane Sumner
Louisiana State University Health Science Center
“Community/Public Health Nurses’ Perceptions of Academic Preparation” $2500


Dr. Eileen Sarsfield
The Catholic University of America
“Problem solving by public health nurses: A descriptive/exploratory study examining differences in the cognitive processes between novices and experts” $2,480


Dr. Donna Z. Shambley-Ebron
University of Cincinnati
“Cultural transmission of sexual knowledge, values and beliefs: A qualitative study of young African American women” $2,461


Drs. Kathleen Baldwin and Michele Issel
University of Illinois, Chicago
"Measuring the effects of healthcare workforce enhancement programming on PHN competency development: A pilot study” $2,500