Join or Renew

ACHNE Membership is from January 1 - December 31.  New members that join after June 30th will receive a 50% discount for that year.

Active Member ($165)
Active members receive full voting privileges and the right to hold office.  Additional benefits include:

  • ACHNE Pulse, the quarterly ACHNE Newsletter, which contains organizational information and articles of professional interest
  • A network of professional colleagues to meet the present and future challenges of community and public health nursing education using the ACHNE listserv
  • Discounted rates on educational programs
  • The online ACHNE Membership Directory, your tool for networking in the community and public health nursing education field
  • Representation in the largest nursing and public health communities through ACHNE's coalition and liaison work
  • Opportunities to participate in leading your specialty by serving in a variety of roles: article contributor, task force, committee member
  • Opportunities to review and critique national nursing and health policy documents and efforts through ACHNE's liaison relationships.

Transitional  Member ($99)
Recent graduates up to one [1] year post-graduation may apply for Transitional membership.  Transitional members receive all Active Member privileges at this special reduced membership rate.

Retired Members ($99)
Retired Members receive all Active Member privileges at this special reduced membership rate.

Student Member ($75)
Student members receive all Active Member privileges at this special reduced membership rate but do not receive voting privileges or the right to hold office.  Students must include proof of current enrollment status to receive student member rates.

Institutional and Corporate Membership ($935) 
Open to Colleges,  Universities, and select Corporations.  

Institutional membership provides:

  • One (1) ACHNE Active Membership for an institutional representative.  ($165 value)
  • One Complementary Registration to the ACHNE Annual Conference ($500 value)
  • Additional employees of Institutional Member organizations may register at the member rate.
  • Discounted Exhibit Fee at the Annual Conference ($350+ value)
  • 1 free 30-Day basic job posting on the ACHNE Career Board ($100 value)
  • 25% Discount on additional job postings ($25+ value)
  • Exclusive Recognition on the ACHNE Home Page as an Institutional Member

Do you reside and work outside of the United States?  You may qualify for an International Member discount!
ACHNE revises its fee against the World Bank guidance for potential ACHNE members who work in parts of the world where this fee would be considered prohibitive.  The World Bank assigns the world’s economies into four income groups — high, upper-middle, lower-middle, and low. This is based on a country’s GNI per capita calculated using the Atlas Method.  The units for this measure and for the thresholds is current US Dollars.

Interested International applicants who reside and work in countries that fall outside of the ‘high’ group should contact ACHNE at directly to discuss their status.  

Please go to the following link to find out which group your country falls within.