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Surveying the ACHNE Membership

Investigators/project directors must seek approval from the ACHNE Research and Executive Committees before distributing research studies or EBP projects to the ACHNE membership. Project requests must be scientifically and ethically sound.  The sample size and survey return rates vary depending on the interests of C/PHNEs.  

Submit an ACHNE Survey Distribution Approval Request Form

Process for requesting access to survey the ACHNE Membership:

Step 1:  Submission

Applicants must submit an ACHNE Survey Distribution Approval Request Form. One of the authors of the work must be a member of ACHNE and will be asked to login in order to access the request form.

Step 2:  Research Committee Review

Request Form and accompanying documents will be forwarded to the chair of the ACHNE Research Committee.

  1. The Research Committee will review the project’s aims, design, methods, instruments, and analysis for scientific merit/rigor, including human subjects considerations, and appropriateness for C/PHNEs.
  2. The Research Committee will also assess the project proposal for consistency with the ACHNE Research/EBP priorities, and/or relevance to community/public health or population health outcomes, or community/public health nursing student learning outcomes.
  3. The ACHNE Research Committee can either approve the project proposal, disapprove the proposal, or identify areas needing improvement and provide such feedback to the applicant with the opportunity to discuss any issues with the Research Committee chair or designee.
    • The applicant can resubmit the project proposal for re-review by the Research Committee.
    • Proposals returned to the applicant with recommendations can be resubmitted for re-review by the Research Committee. The Research Committee can then make a final approval/disapproval decision.
  • Upon approval by the Research Committee, the application will be forwarded to the Executive Committee.
  • The Executive Committee will make a determination for the Research/EBP project to be approved/disapproved for endorsement by ACHNE and/or accessing the ACHNE membership.

Step 3:  Executive Committee Review

The Executive Committee reviews proposals to determine their relevance to the ACHNE strategic goals.

Step 4:  Approval, Dissemination, and Acknowledgement

Once approval is obtained from the ACHNE Executive Committee the applicant will be notified and will work with the ACHNE management company staff to disseminate the survey link to ACHNE members.

  • After data analysis of the research/EBP project is complete, the applicant is asked to share the results with ACHNE membership.
  • ACHNE membership must be acknowledged as a data source in any publications and presentations developed from the survey.

Submit an ACHNE Survey Distribution Approval Request Form